Free Your Mind Free Yourself


Free Your Mind Free Yourself contains inspirational messages and positive affirmations embedded in the drawings. There is also information that has been provided by experts on how to maintain your mental health. It also has some active mental health and wellness providers in Zambia and 9 other African countries. The mission is to point the person using the book who feels they need an expert to advise in that direction. People are often afraid to speak about their feelings and thoughts because of the stigma attached to sensitive topics in societies. I want to use my position as an artist to continue bringing attention to the subject of mental health awareness. I hope we become the generation that creates a shift in the pessimistic view that mental health has and embrace the idea of normalizing the uncomfortable but necessary conversations.

Art is a powerful language, and I find satisfaction in sharing and bringing my ideas to life through every image I capture and every artwork I create. “What’s the meaning in living if you can’t lend a helping hand to the one that needs it the most?” I live by that, and so shall my work of art.

Category: GTIN: 9780620989824


Inspirational messages and mental health awareness.