Alice Mulo

Photographic & Mixed Media Artist

Alice Mulombe Muyambo is a self taught photographic and mixed media visual artist who has a passion and love for everything art has to offer and is able to derive her inspiration from emotions that different elements give. She is a creative who is an economist by profession, entrepreneur by choice and an artist by passion. These are the three things that she marries to pursue her dreams. She finds satisfaction in sharing ideas through every image captured by bringing art to life in a frame.

Having taken part in 4 group exhibitions by 2018 in her young career as an artist, she gained enough inspiration to finally hold her first solo exhibition themed The Escape on 1st September 2018. Her work is more inclined to abstract art and some of it conceptual while using mixed media techniques to create her art and It is always signed Alice-Mulo.

She has since been in a total of 12 group exhibitions with two being International exhibitions and another being an International exhibition & competition where she won an award in the painting category, making it a total of 13 exhibitions. That being (2020 The Three Queens Art Exhibition by Color Culture) , (2019, Conservation Lower Zambezi Art Exhibition) (2019, Chaonadi Arts & Auction Barn Celebrating Freedom Art Exhibition Australia), (2019, Mall of Africa’s Africa Art Collective Public Exhibition), (2019, Oscar of African Creativity Cairo, Egypt) (2019, Women’s Legal Centre South Africa’s 20 year anniversary exhibition) (2019, African Inspirations Fine Art Exhibition) (2019, Chaonadi Arts and Culture Arts Exhibition) (2019, Lusaka Arts Festival Art Exhibition) (2018, Drug Enforcement Commission Art Exhibition) (2018, Lusaka Arts Festival Art Exhibition) (2018, The Escape Solo Art Exhibition) (2017, Conservation lower Zambezi for the love of Zambezi Art Exhibition)

In addition, Alice was nominated for the 2019 Ngoma Awards which are a National Award in Zambia for the Most Outstanding Female Visual Artist under the Gabriel Ellison Award category.

Being a strong believer in having a purpose, her sole purpose behind everything she does is to be able to help another person achieve that which drives them. She is currently working on a program that will aid young people to become self reliant through skills that they are passionate about as she herself has picked up a skill and recognizes the power of passion. Her belief lies in this statement;

“What is the point of living if you can’t lend a helping hand to the one that needs it the most?”

I live by that and so shall my work of art.

The Exhibition

We all have the option to change how we view mental health (the narrative)
Or become one (become the change) by talking about issues that surround Mental Health. Say “No” to stigma and bring about awareness.
Stress…Anxiety…Panic… Grief…Phobia…Post Traumatic Stress…
Let’s have the conversation…. Because it can Happen to Anyone…